Three months in!

What a whirlwind adventure so far! Who knew running your own business could be so exciting?

Contracting in to Betty’s Sewing Box in Ashbourne, baking all the cakes and preparing all the food has been such a good experience.  I sometimes think, is this what it would be like to have my own cafe? If it is then I can’t wait.  I love talking to all the customers, building friendships and getting to know them.  

A couple I knew from my last jobs came and found me at Betty’s, we got chatting about our families, moving house and holidays.  I mentioned that I was going away this week to Wales and they came in today with a map, marked with all the hot spots, cafes, beautiful beaches and walks for me to take on holiday.  I feel so blown away by their kindness and a moment like that confirms that starting my own business was the right thing to do, if it means getting back in touch with the customers and building friendships with my customers.

The cake orders have been flying in, from friends, people who I’ve networked with and total strangers who have heard about me or seen my page on Facebook.  I taught myself how to make sweet peas out of sugar paste and was really pleased with the results.

I’m off on holiday for a week with the whole family, the first holiday for a year!  

Take Care 

Martha xx

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