Spring has sprung!

It doesn’t feel like it today, but spring has sprung, the grass has riz!!  My lovely mum announces about this time of year!  The daffs are out, tulips are for sale and there are British strawberries starting to come into the shops!

Its been so busy here at Martha’s Table, I feel so happy! I feel like the ‘ace of cakes’ of Uttoxeter.  Also, more and more I am being asked for gluten free cakes and food.  I have recently produced a fully gluten free buffet for an evening party, the second time for this lady this year already.

I live in such a beautiful part of the country, here in Staffordshire, especially this time of year.  I love going for a walk, feeling the sun on my face and reflecting on such an amazing 9 months I’ve had running my own business.  Staying true to myself, making ‘real food’, baking beautiful cakes and building fantastic friendships with my clients.

Have a fantastic Easter and happy egg hunting!


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