Summer Time!

I know its been rubbish weather lately but today has been amazing! The washing has been out on the line, cakes have been baking and windows are still open.  I feel the need for a fresh plate salad for our dinner of new potatoes, beetroot, green salad, a boiled egg, homemade coleslaw and beautifully strong cheddar.  Yum!

My husband and I have been married for just over two years now and we are expanding our clan.  Our ‘bun in the oven’ will be arriving in July and we are so excited.  A summer baby to sit in a shady spot in the garden with,  while baking the occasional cake sounds like bliss…I say this so easily as it is my first baby!

On the 11th June it is mine and Martha’s Tables birthday! This first year running my own business has been a learning curve, an adventure and a life change for all the right reasons.  I have regular customers, provide cakes for other businesses and I am getting new orders all the time.  This time last year I couldn’t have hoped for better results to have been achieved. But that only goes to show that if you follow your dreams and believe in your business then everything will work out.

I will still be around blogging, tweeting and regularly posting on Facebook so please keep an eye out for up and coming news!


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