Summer Time!

I know its been rubbish weather lately but today has been amazing! The washing has been out on the line, cakes have been baking and windows are still open.  I feel the need for a fresh plate salad for our dinner of new potatoes, beetroot, green salad, a boiled egg, homemade coleslaw and beautifully strong cheddar.  Yum!

My husband and I have been married for just over two years now and we are expanding our clan.  Our ‘bun in the oven’ will be arriving in July and we are so excited.  A summer baby to sit in a shady spot in the garden with,  while baking the occasional cake sounds like bliss…I say this so easily as it is my first baby!

On the 11th June it is mine and Martha’s Tables birthday! This first year running my own business has been a learning curve, an adventure and a life change for all the right reasons.  I have regular customers, provide cakes for other businesses and I am getting new orders all the time.  This time last year I couldn’t have hoped for better results to have been achieved. But that only goes to show that if you follow your dreams and believe in your business then everything will work out.

I will still be around blogging, tweeting and regularly posting on Facebook so please keep an eye out for up and coming news!

Spring has sprung!

It doesn’t feel like it today, but spring has sprung, the grass has riz!!  My lovely mum announces about this time of year!  The daffs are out, tulips are for sale and there are British strawberries starting to come into the shops!

Its been so busy here at Martha’s Table, I feel so happy! I feel like the ‘ace of cakes’ of Uttoxeter.  Also, more and more I am being asked for gluten free cakes and food.  I have recently produced a fully gluten free buffet for an evening party, the second time for this lady this year already.

I live in such a beautiful part of the country, here in Staffordshire, especially this time of year.  I love going for a walk, feeling the sun on my face and reflecting on such an amazing 9 months I’ve had running my own business.  Staying true to myself, making ‘real food’, baking beautiful cakes and building fantastic friendships with my clients.

Have a fantastic Easter and happy egg hunting!


It’s officially Autumn!

The leaves have changed colour, the temperature has dropped and its less than two months till Christmas.

It’s busy at Martha’s Table with cake orders trickling in and my first mince pie order placed.  I’ve been making spiced apple chutney, plum jam, roasting spice rub and aromatic citrus salt for the purpose of recipe testing and for foodie Christmas gifts.

This time of year, for me is a magical time of year.  Mainly because I love fireworks, bonfires, my sisters birthday and cuddling up with a warming soup and bacon sandwich for my tea.  This time of year  is for planning and organising.  I spent the other evening cleaning and sorting out my kitchen cupboards, making a shopping list for the ‘Autumn essentials’.  I think a cleverly stocked cupboard is essential for the colder months ahead, as it prepares you for the times when you get back from work and want an easy and tasty meal and don’t want to go to the supermarket.

Here are a few bits for the cupboard –

  • Tomato puree
  • Grounded cumin
  • Lentils
  • Brown rice
  • Beef or vegetable stock

A few things for the fridge –

  • A selection of root vegetable
  • Potatoes
  • Leeks
  • Bacon

I know these are probably items you buy regularly, but on a cold evening these items when making a soup or a casserole they leave you feeling full of nutrients and goodness.  I feel I’m still maintaining a healthy diet without feeling hungry and the spices and vegetables will help me fight off any winter illnesses!

I’m now putting together Christmas hamper ideas, taking orders for Christmas cakes, puddings and mince pies so if you are starting to plan your festive events and need a helping hand then please get in touch!

Happy leaf kicking and keep warm!

Martha x

Three months in!

What a whirlwind adventure so far! Who knew running your own business could be so exciting?

Contracting in to Betty’s Sewing Box in Ashbourne, baking all the cakes and preparing all the food has been such a good experience.  I sometimes think, is this what it would be like to have my own cafe? If it is then I can’t wait.  I love talking to all the customers, building friendships and getting to know them.  

A couple I knew from my last jobs came and found me at Betty’s, we got chatting about our families, moving house and holidays.  I mentioned that I was going away this week to Wales and they came in today with a map, marked with all the hot spots, cafes, beautiful beaches and walks for me to take on holiday.  I feel so blown away by their kindness and a moment like that confirms that starting my own business was the right thing to do, if it means getting back in touch with the customers and building friendships with my customers.

The cake orders have been flying in, from friends, people who I’ve networked with and total strangers who have heard about me or seen my page on Facebook.  I taught myself how to make sweet peas out of sugar paste and was really pleased with the results.

I’m off on holiday for a week with the whole family, the first holiday for a year!  

Take Care 

Martha xx

The first month – The first post!

The first month of being self employed and running my own business has been an adventure!  The orders have steadily come in and I’ve had happy customers.  The feeling you get when someone smiles and says ‘this is exactly what I wanted’, that’s an amazing feeling and makes everything worthwhile.

I made a beautiful christening cake last week, a strawberries and cream cake and a chocolate butterfly shaped cake this weekend.  The week before that I catered for my sisters business summer event with a finger picnic, comprising of vegetable kebabs, fresh fruit scones, open sandwiches and lots more!

Something as simple as good home cooked food is what I create, its so rewarding to me to see the joy it brings to my customers and I can’t believe I’m lucky enough that this my job!